Monday, November 23, 2015

Hindus, Muslims and agnostics who enjoy Christmas

There is one time during the year when the famously grumpy K-Landnews TheEditor becomes nostalgic and nice: Christmas.

I hate the commercialism, and religion is not my thing, confided TheEditor one Christmas Eve, but I do like the slowdown of life and positively relish seeing the world's greatest a***holes have to smile for Christmas. And I put up a tree with decorations for the cats to play with.

It's no surprise then that the K-Landnews has published some fun Christmas themed posts over the years.

There was Dr. Who and the war on Christmas on the Christmas special of the British TV series in 2013. The premise, a war on a planet called Christmas, was so cringe worthy that we had to top it with an equally cringe worthy post.
Another one was O not a Tannenbaum on a newspaper article which detailed how a German had decorated a tall plant that nobody sober would classify as a member of the genus Abies (fir trees for you and me).
Not to be outdone in considering the needy, our post Christmas and the marginalized was a touching piece on the two groups that need the spirit of Christmas the most: CEOs and homeless people.

We even had an early insight into what working at Santa Corp is like in the post Santa and the Hotline. You are not the only undervalued elf, okay?

But what we love most about Christmas is that friends and acquaintances from other cultures and religions enjoy it, too.

Hindu friends back in the U.S. would always get a tree, claiming "it's for the kids, you know". But their smiles were not "it's for the kids, you know" smiles. A year or so later, they confirmed the observation.

Even some practicing Muslims like the ritual, as one second generation lady of Turkish descent in Germany told us recently. I enjoy Christmas, she said. Well, I grew up in this small German town and found it wonderful how all the houses had Christmas decorations and lights up. It's sad, though, to see that people do this less and less every year. Maybe they are afraid of the high electricity bill?

In stark contrast to the U.S., where lazy Christians or members of "non-Christmas" religions have plenty of cuisines to choose from, our nearest Indian and Chinese restaurants are shuttered on the holidays. 

So, get out those lights and decorations and remember: even if you are bored or stressed by Christmas, there are plenty of Hindus, Muslims and others who enjoy it.

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