Sunday, June 18, 2017

How do you like the headline "German state pays for non-existent day care workers"?

From our Don't complain about fake news when you produce them too series.

Recently, the blogster bitched about clickbait ledes (article summaries) on the web sites of several large German media outlets.

A simple minded scribe, the blogster went to great lengths to limit the research to the ledes, only to be stumped today by a nasty little article in conservative Welt that announced the "German state pays for non-existent day care workers".

True, German government agencies can and do pay for absentee workers, for example in the case of the head of the national police union, who continued to receive pay without having done one second of police work in years.

As it turns out, the government does not pay for non-existent child care workers.

In some states, money is distributed to day care facilities based on the number of children, not on the number of workers at the day care center or kindergarten.

Some of the country's 16 states are criticized for not enforcing class size guidelines.

But that was not good enough of a headline for the folks at Welt.

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