Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Digital Equilibrium Project: you have the right to 1 (one) unbreakable device

The K-Landnews "Digital Equilibrium Project" should not be confused with this "Digital Equilibrium Project", which is a brand new propaganda outfit that aims to "restore balance", aka. to understand and define the balance between privacy and security.

People smarter than the author of this post have elaborated on the issue, for example, the brilliant Mrs. Wheeler as described in the post Operation "Apple Juice" - of iPhones and iPhonies.

The blogster has a simple suggestion: every citizen gets the right to one (1) unbreakable device. ** The citizen gets to pick one, and law enforcement and the rest of the government respect that choice.

But what if a crime is committed using this device?

Law enforcement gets to keep its existing powers, like obtaining call records if the device is a cell phone, and the LEOs continue to be allowed to try and hack it themselves. They just cannot force the manufacturer to help them. We'll talk about details, such as does this include a backup, what happens if you get a new device, later.

All the other fun stuff, the state is already doing, like reading our Twitter or Facebook postings is not affected either. 

Doesn't this look like balance?

Stupid question, I know. Because it is not about that at all. For the record, the blogster bets the Susan B. Anthony dollar that the other Digital Equilibrium Project will end up proposing that the government can get at every last bit of your digital possessions. Maybe with a warrant, except in cases of imminent danger and national security, of course.

You can claim the Susan B. three months after the publication date of this post, submitting evidence that our claim was wrong. If awarded at the sole discretion of TheEditor, shipping will be on us.

You are welcome.

The blogster is aware that the proposal is very close to "when pigs fly" or "when Hell freezes over". But, hey, pigs fly all the time, and Hell, Michigan, does freeze over quite nicely.

** Assuming for a moment such a device does exist.

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