Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Europe needs an annual Day off Work for immigrants only

Europe should introduce an annual Day off Work for first and second generation immigrants to demonstrate to everyone how some countries would come to a standstill without immigrants.

Do not discard this as a joke. There is more evidence than you can quote that physically modifying a routine helps people understand reality. This is, in fact, how a common problem with police officers who do only night shifts has been successfully addressed in some US cities. You get so used to the criminal nights that your perception gets skewed and the world around you looks bleak even during your waking hours.

Natives would have to show up, though - otherwise the scheme wouldn't work.

There are some practical issues with the suggestion, the blogster readily admits. Some sectors and jobs are pretty much 99% first and second gen immigrants, with the remaining 1% a third gen or "native" manager.

A one day shutdown of Germany's biggest airport would be inconvenient but that's the point.

Shutting down some hospitals due to a shortage of doctors, nurses and other staff is not an option, but emergency or holiday operations could certainly be arranged, right?

Old folks homes fall into the same category. While the blogster is not beyond - sorry if you figured a gentle person behind this post - entertaining the thought of some old Nazi arses going unwiped for a day, common decency prohibits actually doing this.

So, old folks homes would need to figure out staying open, too.

Everything else gets no break from a Day without Immigrants, period.

The mirror aspect of such a holiday would also demonstrate where countries lack diversity. In Germany, for example, police and courts would continue to work or be open, minus the secretarial staff.

Most law firms would be humming, but many would have no client meetings for the day.

Many stores would remain shuttered, so would Amazon and trash collection, construction companies and car factories -- the list is endless.

If you extended it to the third generation, you could probably take a bicycle on the famed autobahn and have a great outing.

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