Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grandpa's "donuts are so expensive" understandable by young people? Leave the country for a while

As a young person, you may have experienced the typical bewilderment caused by grandpa complaining about the high price of a doughnut or a gallon of gasoline.

It's grandpa's exasperation at inflation. But, as in life in general, intellectual knowledge is not the same as first hand experience.

Chances are, you will experience the same in your old days.

But you may not have to wait as long if you leave your country for a few years and then return to a changed world.

Having done the latter often and at different intervals, the blogster believes that an absence of a full two years is sufficient to drive home the point. Exceptions apply, of course. During first decade of the 21st century, you didn't have to be gone from, for example, Argentina for two years to be whacked by inflation on return.

So, make the two years the benchmark for most European countries and the United States.

Low gas prices in today's U.S. take some of the bite out of the sticker shock, but  stocking up on food was a "grandpa like" experience.

The attempt to soothe the cash register shock with a bar of Trader Joe's PoundPlus has turned into an expensive item by almost doubling in price to $ 4.99 since the last visit.
Which is still not too much compared to the generally low quality American made chocolates.

Note: It beggars belief that Amazon offers the same chocolate for prices ranging from 11.50 to 15.99 a bar.

And if you feel like a cheap eat at Denny's, their coffee sets you back $ 2.99 - a price even Starbuck's did not dare to charge for plain coffee a few years ago.

The list goes on and on, and the blogster won't bore you with it.

The next time you hear about an increase in the minimum wage, be aware that it probably does not cover what inflation has taken from workers.

Meanwhile, enjoy the cheap gas which allows you to drive around as much as you want in search for a restaurant grandpa would not deem expensive.

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