Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Cologne, Germany, NYE attacks and sexual violence in general

As we said in the February 2013 post Meteor pulverizes sexism debate at the tail end of a major sexism debate in Germany: another debate will flare up

Well, it's here, and it even comes with its own catchy German word: Sexmob. Apparently coined by the ever inventive staff of tabloid Bild.

Germany is still reeling under the attacks on women on New Year's Eve, discussions are everywhere, and there is a new Twitter hashtag #ausnahmslos (without exception) started by feminists in order to address sexualized violence in general, instead of following the narrow focus on violence allegedly perpetrated by Muslims, migrants, or refugees.

Since anybody can use any hashtag, as spammers invariably demonstrate with ads and assorted crap soon after a hashtag becomes popular, a large number of tweets criticize #ausnahmslos, usually with the same old, boring, false, or hateful xenophobic and ignorant content.

Anti-feminist slogans make up a large chunk of tweets aimed at #ausnahmslos.

On a more, if you will, mainstream level, middle of the road conservative FAZ accuses the initiators of the hashtag of "distracting from the Cologne perpetrators".

The FAZ author claims that #ausnahmslos swiftly moves from the Cologne attacks, "primarily caused by migrants with roots in Islamic culture", thus ignoring and diluting the current problems and seeking out a comfort zone away from harsh reality.

A more comprehensive and both higher level and funnier discussion can be found in the zeitonline column of Thomas Fischer, one of Germany's top judges. He says "Germany has once again someone to fight against. Men, who accost our women."

Beyond social boundaries and party lines, he states.

And this is very much how the blogster sees it. We all knew, or should have known, that migrants are not saints, and general crime statistics have shown they are no better or worse than the natives.

Too many hormonally challenged young men in the same place and you have problems, no question. How much greater is the issue in another culture? Depends.

There is one night in a packed British pub the blogster won't forget before Alzheimer's wipes out the sights, the sound and the smells.

A group of people were having a going away party for an administrative assistant, a young, cute woman in her twenties - if the dim light didn't alter that impression. The group had been drinking and chattering for about an hour when a male got onto a chair and started a speech. You know, something nice, something not unfunny, about work and about being missed.

Then he stepped down from the chair and asked the woman to kneel down in front of him. She did, and he began to undo his pants.

The rest of the group was uproarious, all the other patrons interrupted their conversations and looked over to the unfolding spectacle.

He continued to talk, but the words never made it into the blogster's mind. He dropped his pants and started to pull down his underwear.

His penis appeared, swinging.

He put a hand on the woman's head and drew her forward.

Still talking, still flooded by hollering and comments from the co-workers.

He stopped her head about an inch from his dick and let got. The woman laughed and got up. He swiftly pulled up his drawers, then his pants.

A few seconds later, the commotion had returned to the level before his chair speech.

Did she know what to expect when she went to the pub? Does it matter?

Anyway, if you focus exclusively on Cologne and similar events in other cities from the angle of how many migrants were involved, not much good will come of it.

The women cleaners at a factory near the blogster's residence know this. They get lurid comments on a daily basis, at the very latest when they start cleaning the men's restroom.

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