Saturday, March 29, 2014

A marathon of the U.S. series "The Wire"

As non TV watching folks, we indulge in a marathon every now and then when an older show or series catches our attention.

It has to be said that we have not done a marathon of a German made TV series. Yes, language is one consideration but the major point is: they are boring as hell.
There are rumors that German TV moguls are trying to shake the "fancier RTE" image but we are not holding our breath.

So, we snobs stick with those U.S. shows that have a soul. Which means, we have not watched a single episode of "CSI Anywhere USA", also known as bible belt porn.

Our latest marathon was "The Wire" (2002 to 2008), thanks to HBO and DVDs.  HBO still has the original web site up with Bodie and Carver hanging out on a Baltimore street corner.

We hate to chime in with many others but "The Wire" is a show for the ages. With the understanding that "the ages" may mean a few decades.
Wikipedia reminds us that "The Wire" only receiving average ratings and never won major television awards but that's no surprise in the wash of average run of the mill shows.

Go watch some vampire shows or some wholesome telenovela for plain after work entertainment. If depth of characters and gritty aspects of American life are what you enjoy, go for "The Wire".

"The Wire" will be around, so take your time.

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