Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 cent anti-theft device

We found one rational economic decision!

European trucking companies are facing many of the same problems as American ones. While hijacking complete trucks is more of an American issue, the Europeans suffer from extensive fuel theft.

Thieves have developed tactics and devices feared by truckers. The most recent device we have heard off is a modified hydraulic jack.  A hollow steel spike, much like a cake decorating tip, is affixed on top of a small hydraulic jack. Near the bottom of the spike is a connector for a hose.

Now, all a thief has to do is place the jack under a truck diesel tank, raise it until it punches through the tank, and start pumping.

Truckers understandably hate the contraption because it is quiet and fast.

Dimly lit sections in parking areas along the freeways and desolate industrial areas are major playgrounds for fuel thieves, and truck drivers will fill the well lit but much noisier spots first. Better be disturbed in your sleep than stuck on the parking area with a punctured fuel tank the next day.

Some long haul drivers have figured out a cheap solution made possible by modern engine development.

They buy stickers saying "Warning: use vegetable oil only" for a few cents each and can sleep better. The stickers serve the same purpose as the stickers near the inlet of your own car: make sure that only the correct type of fuel is used.

While you normally ignore the sticker on your own vehicle, trucks are often driven by different drivers, which is probably the main reason why the truck stickers are much bigger.

Unlike for diesel fuel, there is virtually no market - yet - for stolen veggie fuel oil.

What works for your house back in the states when you want to keep burglars away, works just fine for trucks, too.

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