Monday, May 5, 2014

A TV crew comes to town

Not many visible changes occur out here other than the ever growing population of huge windmills along the ridge lines a few miles away.

But the other day, there was a sudden burst of construction noise down a small side street, and as we passed, we saw a crew of workmen tearing up the backyard of one of the houses.

The ground had been stripped of all vegetation, the shrubs and grass, and the brown surface looked level.

Maybe they are building a house or a cottage, we mused over the noise of the Bobcat (or whatever Korean or Japanese name was on the back of the toy excavator).

As we walked by two days later, there was a lawn. A lawn of natural grass, not cemetery euphemism green astroturf!

They had put sod on.

Unusual in Germany's richer lands, unheard off out here in Nothinghappensville. Behind a row of hedges, we saw some folks with plants in containers and a camera crew.

Looks like one of those garden shows back home, was our first thought.

By then we had reached the young couple that was standing on the other side of the narrow street watching the goings on.

We greeted them, they smiled and, assuming we knew, said: they are almost done with the show.

It was indeed a TV crew shooting an episode of a German garden makeover show. The couple, certainly not wealthy enough to afford a crew for a week, had submitted their backyard to the makers of the show. And been lucky.

Their new garden is a leisure garden, as different as can be from our mix of veggie plots, uncontrolled shrubs, barely tamed bindweed, and many square feet of mixed tulips that all turned out to be pink despite the fancy "Rembrandt" label.

Next time we pass, maybe we'll stop and see if there is a feature we'd like to duplicate.

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