Saturday, May 10, 2014

German 4 Dummies: h8 the 88

The Germans use the English word "shitstorm" to describe an emotionally charged controversy, one that typically plays out on social media these days.

Why they use an English word for that is a question of the psychology of language. In short: if you use a swear word from a foreign language, psychologically speaking, it feels less harsh to the speaker than a corresponding native word. Merde, that was a good explanation.

Today, the Twitter hashtag #ariel88 was abuzz. People alleged that Proctor & Gamble had committed a nazi related gaffe by labeling their detergent Ariel "88".

Because, apparently, neo-nazis use 88 as a code for Heil Hitler.

TheEditor at the K-Landnews finds it highly disturbing how the mainstream German media reported this, including such headlines as "Proctor and Gamble in the nazi trap".

We have never in the history of the K-Landnews tweeted as much as today in such a short time. And in doing so, we gave away our feeling of exasperation.

Which quickly subsided.

The one thing TheEditor learned today is: we are journalists here at the blog. We used the term bloggers out of unfounded respect for the instututions of German journalism.
Today, Der Spiegel, Der Stern, Frankfurter Allgemeine, German public broadcasting, as well as possibly others stooped down to the level normally reserved to tabloid BILD.

Thank you for making us journalists.

And here are all the related tweets for posterity or just for the posterior.

From Agent #666 to Agent #69: & to drop from collection after reports: our algorithm detected 0% content.

Final tweet on . "88" is safe if you write "87 +1" or "89 - 1". Neither nor should notice. Let us know if it works.

Danke deutsche für ! Damit sind wir Blogger endgültig als vollwertige Journalisten zu sehen. Jobangebote bittte....

warning: the number 101 is still safe. Germans don't know that "Thinking 101" might not be meant as a compliment.

Thanks to articles in & this blogger is 100% journalist! Persilschein mucho appreciated, amigos.

warning: do not sell anything with the numeral "175" to seniors over 45 because of gay implications.

warning: do not sell anything with the numeral 88. No 88 proof alcohol, no 88% formic acid. No 88 letter .

industry in shambles after flub: can no longer market offensive nails & screws 0.5 to 5 in.(1 to 12 cm) to males.

reported by guy on floor 14 (one above 12th)! Guy now working on super size Ariel 420 package? Sorry for 4 once..

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