Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Germany's cocky internet guru to audience: You failed!

Germany's main "not that tech heavy" net conference re:publica 2014 is under way, and there are multiple tracks of topics, including the insult your audience single mind track by one of Germany's most widely known and respected internet peeps.

In light of the surveillance revelations and ensuing debate, the audience was told: you failed.

Failed to understand, failed to respond, failed to come up with the new net of the future, failed...failed...failed.

Of course, admonishing the audience was only a rhetorical device.

Must have been.

To pull everybody from their stupor, or something along those lines.

The K-Landnews TheEditor sees it differently: One word, sad.

Feels a bit like the old West revival tent: you have failed! now follow me for salvation.

But this was only one very predictable presentation. There are many more, thoughtful, and entertaining ones. And many are either in English or with decent subtitles.

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