Thursday, June 5, 2014

The weirdest German Kaiser conspiracy theory ever

This post is a good soccer World Cup post - it has nothing to do with soccer but posting it while nobody is paying attention is probably best.

Just as you think life cannot get any weirder, something else comes along to top it. You know the feeling if you live past age 30.

So, not long ago we were out and about, meeting Germans, having coffee, chattering merrily.

Then one asked: Do you think there could be a secret society waiting in the wings to take over government?

What do you mean, there's always somebody ready to take power if a government fails.

No, I want to say, would you believe it if somebody told you there is a sort of shadow government in place since the last German emperor abdicated and went into exile?

Just a few years shy of one century? That sounds far fetched...

Isn't it! The problem is that's what this guy I know told me, and he had it from a retired official. The official told him there was a well-networked large group of folks who meet on a regular basis to discuss details of the new old government, prepare plans, hammer out contingency plans.

Exceedingly difficult to believe, mildly put. If I didn't know you, I'd say you are pulling my leg.

The conversation went on for another few minutes during which we were told that the original source who had blabbed to his acquaintance had ended the brief revelation with the obligatory "I shouldn't have told you this and cannot say another word."

It is a charming and weird story, conjuring up old guys named "von" wearing top hats and smoking cigars in dimly lit studies of mansions and old castles.

Maybe the official is gullible or nuts, maybe his interlocutor is, maybe both are.

Or there might be a kernel of truth to in in that formerly powerful people everywhere sit around reminiscing about the old times and wishing the old glory back.

Unless TheEditor of the K-Landnews turns up dead, smothered with a top hat or impaled by a spiked helmet, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Actually, there shouldn't be any reason to worry whatsoever if remember in an emergency to invoke those of our ancestors who served in the German Kaiser's Guards.

We have been wondering if life in the hills might be fertile ground for strange beliefs -- remember one of our early posts about the cat abduction urban myth as it swept through our hills once again?

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