Monday, June 23, 2014

Vice out of Canada

Up the mainstream without a paddle is another one of the flippant comments by TheEditor when a major news outlet falls for an obvious propaganda piece.

The K-Landnews' quest for less genuflecting and sloppy news has brought us to VICE, among others. Those of us who did not pay much attention to the changing news landscape may have missed the rise of Vice, so check out the Wikipedia page for a brief history.

We have yet to write a post discussing a story on Vice for a couple of reasons, mainly because clicking through the main free news sites to see if there is something worthy of our comment is work.

And we have an ethics problem, if you will. Unlike some sites we have called out here, we do link to articles that inspired a post or that we criticize.

So, VICE and others serve a different purpose. We go there to keep curiosity alive, to protect the logic circuits against the corrosive and numbing same old same, old of the old purveyors of world views.

Where the Huffington Post is the thinking person's Buzzfeed, VICE is more robust and unafraid.

For how long?

Who knows. If the web gets too boring, we use Randomwebsite and get a couple of links into the great unknown.

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