Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jerry Cotton, German fictional FBI agent

From our German literature series.

Where German authored and published SiFi hero Perry Rhodan takes the crown of the world's most successful pulp SiFi series ever, the most successful German cop pulp series was G-man Jerry Cotton.

Set in New York and first published in 1954, Jerry Cotton was a 100% German venture run in the standard pulp fiction way by several writers.

We read somewhere that each author had an up to date set of maps of New York as well as guidebooks to help ensure that the description of the location was as accurate as possible.

With ethics more bullet proof than today's Kevlar vests, Jerry Cotton always got his man and served as one of the role models for the German post-War male teenager.

The K-landnews Random Research (RR) team even found the facebook page of the agent: G-man Jerry Cotton is on Facebook.

You don't have to be a super sleuth to ask yourself the question whether Jerry Cotton was completely forthright when he filled out his birthday on the facebook registration form, but who cares.

Any surviving fan of Jerry Cotton instinctively expected that his hero would take to facebook, it's just integral to his inquisitive nature and his open mindedness.

We could not be bothered to research the origin of the name but we did smile at the thought of a Jerry out of Germany in 1954.

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