Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[Update June 2015: protonmail.ch] New contact email at yandex.com

[Update 6/17/2015]
You may or may not want to read the post below just for fun.
As of June 2015, please use protonmail.ch as the contact email.
We'll probably leave the one at yandex active for a while and subscribe to some adult web sites via that one to give any snoopy bots something to digest.
[End of update]

In one of his last speeches, a well known leader said something about having wanted to do something anyway and simply using the occasion to bring this activity forward.

The K-Landnews TheEditor totally forgot who it was, what that activity might have been, there is just a fuzzy thing about doing the dishes, heck, TheEditor does all the dishes around here, maybe it is a spillover from that.

And the Random Research team is still out stuccoing the facade, it is not big, they are just really, really slow.

Where were we?

Note: TheEditor is not only gender neutral (using "it") but also singular neutral ("it" uses singular or plural indiscriminately for itself).

Where was I again? Right, wanting to do the dishes and bringing this activity forward for added transparency. Transparency of the glassware. Really important.

We have moved the contact email for this blog!

It is now @yandex.com, same username though, and for those of you who have the gmail address nicely stored, you can continue to use it for as long as we see fit.

Why Yandex?

It is in Europe.  So, for our European readers, their email has at least a chance of escaping Le Dregsnet as the English would call it.

The K-Landnews is, typically American, all about equal opportunity.
We pride ourselves on this.
This is who we are, we surmise Stephen Colbert would say if he read this blog.

So, if somebody wants to go fishing in our email, equal opportunity calls for giving the Russians a shot.

Seriously, there is one feature of Yandex that we grok.

The user can see the account log file for seven days.

The account activity is in there, including the IP addresses of the computers used to access the mailbox. Which is sweet because...., well, because.

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