Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are you married to an IED?

Not the IED from various armed conflicts around the world but the IED who most likely has the gene variant commonly known as "the warrior gene"?

Once again, we have to thank American public broadcasting organization PBS for bringing it to our attention. You can find a great short article on NPR here or listen to the broadcast. An hour long documentary with David Pogue is on NOVA.

We laughed out loud when we heard that the collection of symptoms and behaviors of volatile people in this context is abbreviated as "IED".

This alone is worth a post.

We do need to caution you to think twice about watching the documentary with a love interest you have not been dating for very long.

What should you do if you are married to an IED?

If you are lucky, our IED is self-aware, maybe uttering an "oh, that's me" if you can get him or her to watch NOVA with you.

If you are not so lucky, stay calm, try to figure out the wiring and the triggers. Take cover as needed.

On a more somber side, there are implications of genetics with respect to the law. This web site reports about two trails in which the "warrior gene" played a prominent role.

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