Thursday, April 24, 2014

Have an hour of spare time? Test this TaaS (Terminology as a service) platform!

We do not normally ask our readers to do things.

Because your life is busy enough. Because everybody and their uncle, their cat, their dog, their politician, wants you to do things.

Today is an exception.

If words are still important to you and you still think being able to communicate with other cultures, give this web site a spin: TaaS platform at

It is free, really free, not "we will sell your data free".

Terminology as a service is just what it means, sort of a translation support platform.

Type in a word or two, search what it means in all those Euro languages. Paste a piece of text into the box lower on the page, see what happens.

You do not have to create an account and sign in, but you should because that's where you can really have fun.

Here is what our friends from TaaS say:
As a matter of fact, the system is stable now. There are sometimes problems when the developers update it but as a rule it doesn't take long. Anyway, I'm in contact with the developers - people can ask... The developers can also be directly connected: or (but Tatiana sometimes has little time :-(

My tip: If something doesn't work it doesn’t mean it doesn't work at all :-D Sometimes it helps to logout and login again... They should just ask!!!

We are having fun with the system and got a good chuckle out of some of the search results.

Doing a search on wood production, we had one result that displayed "Thomas Aquinas"  under "related results".

Which proves terminology does not have to be boring.

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